“Motivation to actually do this and to share with others. Wonderful, fun experience. The one seminar I have attended that was worth it. My husband and I are signing up for October’s retreat.”

“By midway through the second day of the retreat, I was convinced that a plant-based diet is absolutely the right way to eat. By the end of the retreat, I felt like I had the knowledge to get started.”

“Overall I consider this past weekend to be a life changing experience for me. I have cleaned out my kitchen since returning home and the pleasure I get when I open my refrigerator and see all that clean, nutritious food is so satisfying. My life has been changed in the most profound way. I feel in my very soul that I have found that elusive “answer” I have been searching for. Thank you is an insufficient thing to say to you all considering what you have done for me, but I will say it anyway, from the bottom of my soon to be healthier heart, THANK YOU!”

“This was one of the most awesome weekends I have spent in a very long time! This Engine 2 team is made up of incredible, giving, talented individuals, who give 110% every moment during the immersion. Be ready to laugh, cheer and even shed a tear of joy. These folks are so passionate and willing to share, it warms your heart. When was the last time you spoke with an author, asking for an autograph, and had a significant meaningful conversation? Well, with this group, you certainly do. This team ‘walks the talk’ and demonstrates their passion during the entire weekend.”

“It was an amazingly positive experience!!! Everyone involved was so positive and upbeat. I attended alone, but I never felt left out or excluded. It was an amazing community experience, and I credit both the [Farms 2 Forks] and Heritage Prairie teams for creating that atmosphere. Just an overall positive experience. Thank you very much to all of you for all of your hard work and dedication in pulling off such a relaxing and very professionally run event!!!”

“I find that recipes are not something to be feared, and ‘ingredients’ is a good word.”

“I know that my story will not be the same as it was my mother, who died at age 48 from not having had the opportunity to care!”

“This was a dream come true for me! Starting from when Dr. Esselstyn himself drove me in his cart to registration! I was so excited I had someone take a picture!! The food was great, the farm is beautiful. I loved all the speakers and the staff. I bought about everything in the merchandise tent! I LOVED Doug Lisle!! I had not heard him before, and he made so much sense, I wish he spoke MORE! I also love Natala Constantine!! I did not know what to expect from her talk, but I was laughing and crying the entire time. I also love Jane for her humor and being a great mom. I hope that you do it again next year, I will be there with bells on!!!”

“I often wonder, [had] I done [this] years ago, would I have gotten better sooner?”

“Everything about this weekend was AMAZING! I’ve been telling everyone about it, even the check-out lady at the grocery store who told me today that she noticed I’ve been buying more vegetables and healthy stuff lately. I just happened to be wearing my F2F shirt and [I] told her about my amazing weekend and wrote down the websites for her, so she can check it out.”

“It has felt like I have broken free of the heavy anchor chain that had been weighing me down all these years. I am now a former obese food addict and compulsive over-eater. I am plant-strong and proud!”

“I feel like I have a whole new life ahead of me.”

“Honestly, I had the time of my life. I can’t think of a better experience!”

“The speakers and food were amazing. Seriously, Doug Lisle has changed my life. I learned so much and I’m so grateful. Your message is so important. It really was a privilege to hear so many passionate and knowledgeable experts in one place.”

“You cannot top already being outstanding, phenomenal and invaluable – can’t think of ANYTHING that would have made this event any better – it was the most fantastic thing I’ve ever participated in. Saying “thank you” seems insufficient in return for the amount of energy, care, knowledge, and advice you brought to the table.”