An Engine 2 Retreats Weekend Is

An Engine 2 Retreats Weekend Is 

Engine 2 Retreats are a series of weekend-long educational retreats we hold across the U.S., in partnership with Forks Over Knives, designed to teach you the why & how of eating a plant-based diet.  If the documentary Forks Over Knives, or books like The Engine 2 Diet, The China Study or Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease have piqued your curiosity, then these retreats are your passageway to a world of renewed health and a longer, happier life!  Whether you’ve been exploring a plant-based diet for a day, a week, or thirty years, these weekends offer something for everyone. Take a walk on the healthy side and learn the proven benefits of eating a plant-strong diet from our line-up of world-class scientists, doctors, clinicians, chefs, and nutritionists as we immerse you in a world that dares to defy heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and a slew of other chronic diseases.

Join us alongside hundreds of other passionate and involved participants as we share this life-saving message and give you the tools to bring it home and make all the positive healthy changes that can save you and your family from disease. From the most up-to-date science behind plant-based eating, to what and how to eat, we cover every aspect of making a plant-strong way of life practical, fun, and enjoyable, so you can confidently commit to owning this lifestyle – and your health!

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I | I took the one less traveled by | And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

Sharing Knowledge 

The physicians, nutritionists, and researchers you will hear at our Engine 2 Retreats have witnessed people just like you halt and/or reverse their heart disease, major cancer, and/or type 2 diabetes — as well as stop taking many (if not all) of their medications, and find their ideal weight, in a healthy and sustainable way.

For years now, Rip Esselstyn, the author of The Engine 2 Diet, has been helping firefighters across the country transform their bodies and their health by taking these nontraditional nutritional concepts and making them real, practical, and easy. Treat yourself to the gift of health by attending an Engine 2 Retreat that will give you the same knowledge, understanding, and confidence as thousands of firefighters and their families.

Unique Weekends 

Each Engine 2 Retreat is unique in its setting, its menus, and its speakers. In addition, each hotel has been carefully selected for its attention to detail and enthusiasm for preparing delicious, plant-strong meals. Whichever weekend you attend, you will leave with your head full of knowledge, your heart filled with inspiration, and your taste buds flabbergasted by the food. Get ready for a life-changing weekend!

We look forward to spending an amazing weekend with you next year!

What Is Included 

  • Two and a half days of intensive plant-strong education from the best of the best
  • Book-signing and photo opportunities with our presenters, held throughout the weekend
  • Six delicious and satiating plant-strong meals
  • Morning workouts, including group body-weight exercise and yoga
  • A beautiful bound notebook for taking down ideas and advice
  • A custom “plant-strong” event t-shirt
Email with additional questions. See you at an Engine 2 Retreats Weekend very soon!